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AXARIA EUROPE is a European company dedicated to the research, development, manufacturing, fractionation, and distribution of high-quality natural raw materials and their derivatives and byproducts.

Since the 1990s, we’ve been a part of the OLEOCHEMICHALS GROUP, a corporate group with over 60 years of experience in every market throughout the world. The joint actions of these companies allow us to take advantage of their synergies to give our companies greater business opportunities and to give our customers the best choices in the market of raw materials and natural products.

We specialize in organic chemistry, vegetable oils, both crude and refined, oleins and fatty acids, distilled or fractioned, of animal or vegetable origin, glycerins, fatty alcohols, fats and tallow, hydrogenated or natural, fatty acid esters, and a wide range of products related to natural raw materials and their derivatives and byproducts. We also offer a large range of natural and synthetic waxes as well as specific blends.

The main industries we serve in Europe are the detergent and soap industry, as well as cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, a large part of the food industry, manufacturing of animal feeds, the textile industry, manufacturing of paints and resins, the rubber industry, manufacturing of fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides, the explosives industry, the construction industry, the plastics industry, the mechanic metals industry, and the chemical industry in general. In all these activities, we focus on providing a combination of raw materials, services, and technical knowledge that help reduce costs, improve performance, and achieve a safe working environment.

In today’s extremely competitive markets, our customers must continuously look for improvements in their processes in order to increase productivity and reduce costs, obtain maximum efficiency, and generate additional revenue. To achieve this, you need to be able to count on true partners. This is a message that we’ve understood perfectly.

On several occasions, we’ve demonstrated that we meet these goals. Day after day, we provide the best-quality products that we include within a unique offer of teamwork, knowledge of applications, and continuous support.